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next club night filming and live broadcast event

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A creative rich media licensing platform, providing opt-in tools to distribute to 100s online store and get paid


Get Licensed Music, release Video VR and DJ Mixes legally across all major platform.

We can film produce and distribute for you. Even book a slot at our London night.


Create and license your new music for DJ mixes, videos and VR content.

Labels & Producers

Control tracks, license your music for DJ mixes, videos and VR content.

Work with us to create new products and new income streams.

Supporting Artists with advanced monetization and data tracking

We are a Business-to-Business platform and are creating completely new products; we work with premium channels and brands to distribute and monetize in the best way.

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The world's first immersive music night every Thursday from November

Over two floors, we are using the latest technology to create AR & VR and Video releases, we are Beta testing the next wave of music products.

Come and join this exciting experiment.

Warning: we will be broadcasting each event world wide to millions of users.

Free entry for all platform sign-ups for November.


next immersive event

Join us at the Dogstar

Every Thursday starting soon

Headline acts to be announced

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What is the ClubMixed Beta Program

Clubmixed Beta programme builds the tools to release Rich Media content across all monetised platforms in a unique automated system.

That includes immersive, VR, AR, Video, Audio and mixed reality.

What do I need to join?

If you are a DJ, Artist, band group or singer, a record label or Producer, you can join the platform.

How can I use the site to create and release products?

Use the tools provided on the platform and contact our support team if you have any difficulty.

Does it cost me to join the site?

No, its completely free to Join while we are in Beta.

Can I play at the Dogstar?

Please sign up to the platform and email us for a slot.

What do I get if I play at the Dogstar?

You will be getting professionally made Video, AR, VR, Audio release which will be monetised on premium channels.

Can I distribute my singles through the ClubMixed platform?

We only distribute and monetize mix albums, videos and immersive content. Unfortunately, we are not an artist distribution platform.